Love My Credit Union Rewards

Everyone loves to save, especially on products and services you use every day. That's what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about. Members have saved nearly $2 billion in discounts from valued partners through Love My Credit Union Rewards. You can save too with valuable discounts from these partners: 

  • $100 cash reward with every new line switched to Sprint! Current customers will receive $50 for every line transferred. Plus, a $50 loyalty reward every year for every line!
  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax Federal tax products
  • Get an exclusive smoke communicator and a $100 gift card with a new ADT monitored home security system. 
  • Shop and earn cash back when you shop at over 1,500 online retailers with Love to Shop. 

To find out more and learn about other valuable discounts, visit You get all these offers and discounts just for being a member of Sabine FCU! 

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