Schedule of Fees

Checking Account Fees
Overdraft Protection $3 per transaction
Paid or Returned NSF $30
Paid or Returned Overdraft Privilege $30   (Click for Disclosure)
Stop Payments $30
Temporary Checks $1/set
Check Orders Prices vary depending upon style
Commercial Checking $12 per month
Check Copy 2 free copies per statement; $2 per copy thereafter
Account Printout $1
Statement Copy $1


Other Fees
Returned Mail $5 per statement per quarter
Collection Item $10
Inactive Account $10 per quarter if inactive 2 years
Account Reconciliation $10 per hour
Account Research $20 per hour; minimum 1 hour
Domestic Wire Transfer $15
Foreign Wire Transfer $35
Cashier's Check $3
Money Order $1
Returned Deposit Item $3 per charged back item
Teller Check $1
Late Loan 5% of payment
Visa Gift Card $3
Levies, Freezes, and Garnishments $10
Coin Machine 3% for members, 10% for non-members 


ACH Fees
One-Time ACH Origination $8
Recurring ACH Origination No Charge
Returned ACH Item $10


Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Nonproprietary Visa Debit Card/ATM Withdrawal $1.50
Nonproprietary Visa Debit Card/ATM Balance Inquiry $1
Nonproprietary Visa Debit Card/ATM Transfer $1
Visa Debit Card/ATM Card Reissue $5
Visa Debit Card/ATM PIN Change $2 (excluding new cards)


Safe Deposit Box Fees
3 x 5 Safe Deposit Box $20
3 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $30
5 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $40
10 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $65
Safe Deposit Box Re-Key $5
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $150

Safe deposit box contents are NOT federally insured by NCUA.

Fees are accurate as of 4/01/2019 and are subject to change at any time without notice. For the most current rates, please contact the credit union at 409-988-1300 or toll-free 1-888-319-7328. You may also contact us by mail (P.O. Box 3000, Orange, Texas 77631-3000) or by email (