Credit Sense

You can have access to your credit score and credit report by logging into online banking and clicking the widget that says "Average Credit Score in your neighborhood". This service is FREE to our members and can help you monitor your credit report daily by setting up alerts. Your score is updated every month automatically, but you can refresh your score as frequently as every day. This service is also available on your mobile device. Simply login to online banking to get started today! 


Additional credit reporting information:

All U.S. consumers are now entitled to receive one free credit report each year. You may request your free credit report by:

When you receive your credit report, there are three important pieces of information to check:

  1. Identifying information: Name, address, current employment, social security number, date of birth, and spouse’s name.
  2. Debt: Verify that it is yours and that all matters are correctly marked closed or resolved, if applicable.
  3. Payments: Ensure balances are accurate and payment history is correct.